Differences Between Wanzel And Rapunzel

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Disney is recognized for their productions in children’s movies and shows. Ironically, their biggest sellers, such as, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, and Snow White. Of these are “kid approachable” versions of The Grimm Brothers originals. But the movie that is completely different from its basis in that of Rapunzel, or the Disney version Tangled. The first contradiction is how exactly did Ms. Gothel obtain Rapunzel in the first place. In the Grimm version, they explain how Rapunzel was prearranged to Ms. Gothel by her father in exchange for his life, when he was caught stealing her rampions. While the Disney version says that Rapunzel was abducted by Ms. Gothel because of her enchanted hair. Also, the concept of how Rapunzel encounters her …show more content…
The Grimm story goes to say that, the prince after wandering the forest for years comes to a desert where he overhears a familiar voice. He begins to follow that voice as he gets closer he realized that the voice is in fact, Rapunzel. Rapunzel upon seeing the prince begins to crying with her tears falling into his eyes. Her tears bring his sight back allowing him to see once more. He then discovers it is not just Rapunzel, but the twin children she gave birth to while in the desert. The prince then proceeds to take them to his castle where they are married and live Happily Ever After. For the Disney story, Ms. Gothel is killed, and Rapunzel’s hair is cut by Flynn before he dies, but Rapunzel saves him with her healing tears. Flynn then takes Rapunzel back to her family. Rapunzel and Flynn get married and live Happily Ever …show more content…
Disney’s version the “thief” who is on the run from the police, he wants nothing to do with Rapunzel he just wants his treasure. However, he does fall in love with her to the point he almost dies to save her her. Then you have the ‘prince’ that falls in love with her for her voice after hearing it only once. Then when he finds out she’s “dead” instead of asking commonsense questions to make sure. He decides to jump out the tower window in self-pity. Why did he not get his guard’s or somebody to get Rapunzel down after he met her? Why was he so drastic as to jump from the tower; I am sure there are several women other than Rapunzel in his kingdom? From these examples, you can see how Disney goes into detail with their story not leaving any question. The Grimm Brothers on the other hand, let the mind wonder asking, why did he not do this, why did she do that, and how could they do that.
Although, the story lines, and character personalities differ tremendously. Both stories are incredible, each bring enjoyment to generations of

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