Differences Between Traditional And Modern Society Essay

2072 Words Nov 9th, 2016 9 Pages
Introduction Historical events evidently allow us to believe that as human beings the world encompassing us has refused to remain the same. Whether an individual exists in this universe as a student, professor or even as a social scientist. It is inevitable that they exist in some form of a society. A society is governed as either traditional or modern with the exception that some are influenced by both. When comparing the two there are is an outstanding amount of differences that contrast the two societies like night and day. Traditional and modern societies have few similarities, but countless distinctions. If you took an individual from modern society and placed them in a late 1900s traditional society, it would be quite challenging to conform to the lifestyle. Diversified individuals would choose to exist in a modern day society rather than traditional society due to the enhancements that are being made to improve quality of life. With that aforesaid, this paper will discuss the importance of change for the reason that it has encouraged new opportunities to arise transforming traditional customs along the way. Analyzation of mass consumption, family structures as well as social hierarchies are to be analyzed in support of my argument. These topics will also exemplify why modernity is more sympathized in lieu of traditional. Mass Consumption. A key aspect of exploring modern society is looking back at the origins of how it came about in the first place. American…

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