Differences Between The White Settlers And Native Americans Essay

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1. Two concepts that both the White settlers and the Native Americans clashed over were the value behind the land in America, and the norms of living. When it came to the value over the land, many tribes believed that the man is the same as land. Tribes believed the land should be honored, respected, and loved as the land was given to them by mother earth. They believed we should move in unison with the land—the circle of life. Whereas the White man felt that it was there manifest destiny to expand and felt the land needed to change. They took manifest destiny from the Bible, believing that God wanted them to take land—so they did. They began cutting down trees, putting up fences, and became the exact opposite of what the Native’s believe. This clash between the value of land caused war and the mistreatment of many tribes. Tribes were forced to leave their homes, and forced to move further and further west
Another concept which White settlers and Native Americans clashed over were the norms of living. Tribes lived following the buffalo, and knew that when the buffalo migrated, so did they. As the White settlers started coming in, they slaughtered buffalo’s, not understanding the significance of the buffalo. Many Native Americans were not educated, therefore, the White man felt that Native Americans needed to be civilized. They separated the children from their families, put them in boarding schools, and made them forget their culture. After their homes, land, and farms were…

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