Differences Between Public And Private Sectors Essay

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One of the most interesting topics in today’s world is the one of the differences and similarities between the public and private sectors. Although much of the public sector tend to focus in the incompatibility of beliefs and incentives there has also been a great number of actors that have been able to transit both worlds with success.
In the last decades, the idea has been to focus on the similarities between the two worlds and create a new vision of leadership and management for both. For example, we have the New Public Management (NPM) movement (Barzelay 2001; Osborne and Gaebler 1992) that tries to align business concepts such as customer service and total quality management with public-choice theory, to create a framework that private and public sector leaders and managers can use to increase their efficiency and motivate their subordinates (Lyons, Duxbury, Higgins, 2006).
Another important train of though is that “The key distinction in understanding management (and leadership) is not between public and private but between organizations, whether they are public or private...” (Knott, 1993). In this sense, if we decide to adopt this perspective we can expect leaders to transit and adapt between the private and public sector. However, what is most important is to observe how leaders could be able to obtain the good things of each sector and apply this experience to continue advancing their goals and their teams no matter which sector they are working.

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