Differences Between Power And Religion Essay example

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Differences Among Power by Religion In the years after the death of Christ, religion became the center of the civilizations in Northern and Western Africa. In the Northern parts of Africa religion became the center of power and sustained wealth in the regions. Eventually this power spread all through out the Northern parts of Africa taking over the land and bringing in a central government to follow, resembling the type of control the Romans and Islamic civilizations had over the region.
On the other hand, in Western Africa, religion has a whole different meaning. The civilization inhabiting that specific region, specifically around the Volta River system, focuses more on the natural and spiritual power to rule over the land, which the Yoruban people follow very strongly. Unlike their Neighbors to the North, this simple civilization never saw the value or significance of having a government/ruling class have that kind of power over another human. So in the control for power in Northern and Western Africa, these civilizations use their religious background to show order and expand through out their region.
In Northern Africa, many civilizations in great power seek to spread and conquer more land to gain power, which is exactly what Rome accomplished when coming into Northern Africa and taking over Egypt, dominating most of the Nile River. This take over came about through taxation and complete governmental power, causing the Egyptians to lose all their power and fall under…

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