Differences Between Men And Women

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“The Difference Between Men and Women”

The video over “The Difference Between Men and Women” is an informative documentary reporting on gender polarity and the neurological reasons that could be causing the variations, as well as some myths pertaining to the differentiations between the sexes, and if they are scientifically true or false. A few of the myths included in the program were listening, snoring, aggression, driving, and cheating among various others in relation to males versus females. The program, hosted by ABC News, features several guest such as Billy Goldberg and Mark Leyner, who have co-authored Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex, Dr. Louann Brizandine, a neuropsychiatrist who authored the book, The Female Brain, and Ben Barres,
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Therefore, scientists have proven through experiments and studies that there is in fact some diversity between the neurological male and female brains. Throughout the video, several experiments substantiate the scientific findings. One experiment showed positively for the male gender in relation to spatial relation, by leading men and women, blindfolded through an underground tunnel maze on a campus, and having them give correct directions back to someone. Whereas another experiment highlighted women having better recollection and relay skills, by leaving individual men and women in a cluttered room for a few minutes and having them relay later what was in the room. This experiment leads the viewer to grasp the idea that men are better at single, task-focused activities, whereas women are better at multi-tasking and perception. Another example the video used related to infants in the first seventy-two hours of birth. This experiment spoke about boys startling easier and girls rhythmically mouth when the infant is touched or blown on. Research showed that the brain is female until around the eighth week of gestation when testosterone, which organizes the brains neural network into a male pattern, turns the infant’s brain into a male brain. These scientific discoveries makes the viewer wonder if there is any truth to some of the myths relayed in the video, such as “men never …show more content…
Consequently, Dr. Brizandine supports their statement by stating that males need a longer amount of time than females to process and analyze their words in relation to vocally expressing themselves. Where females absorb more sensorial and emotive information and are able to express themselves quite easily. Dr. Brizandine’s interview walks a viewer through a study of infants through teens balancing between biological and behavioral reasoning behind why males and females do what they do in relation to the science behind the actions. During her interview, the show tells of neuroimaging and how hormones cause teenagers to go through a massive change. It also explains amygdala and prefrontal cortex in girl brains and how amygdala in boys is twice as large in male brains. Ben Barres puts a different spin on some of the myths stating that the “gender gap in science is bias”. Having spent the first forty years of his life as a woman an enduring sexist attitudes in the field of science he feels that a little less arrogance would go a long way in righting the wrongs in relation to career biasness. A better understanding of gender differences from a neurological view might not only open the door to a greater appreciation of different genders, but also make individuals question how they parent, support, and

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