Differences Between Men And Women 's Education And Nature Essay

884 Words Nov 9th, 2016 4 Pages
Throughout the reading of Sophie, Jean-Jacques Rousseau claims to attempt to illustrate the similarity and difference between men and women 's education and nature. It is difficult to ascertain exactly what comparisons between the sexes Rousseau is trying to make as he repeatedly claims to men and women being equal, and then contradicts this immediately after by making his assertions that they are nothing alike. The entire reading is juxtaposed in a way that the main point Rousseau is trying to make becomes obfuscated and almost meaningless. It is left to shoddy speculation and overgeneralization on his part and not by any analytical evidence, which he claims is solely men 's sphere. I will be examining Rousseau 's theories about the sexes and also his ideas on sex-based differences. Throughout the examination of his ideas, I will deconstruct them using modern day concepts on sex and gender similarities and differences as well as thoughts on what the different terms mean today. While reading, Rousseau 's work, he makes many claims about the proper education of women and men. For men he recommends that they explore and think on a large scale and for women he recommends that they think and live through the men in their lives and that they are to think domestically; to be educated to run a household, raise their children and obey their husbands. He claims that these differences in education are caused solely by the individuals ' "nature". Rousseau takes the view that certain…

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