Essay on Differences Between Language And Language

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When the human mind comes across the word language, some of the first responses might be, what kind of language? English? Spanish? Etc. But that is just the initial reaction due to the thought of a language being a verbal gesture from one human to the next. There are many different verbal languages around the world, depending on geographic location, culture, ethnicity, etc. But there are many more way of communication than just language. Actions such as body language, appearances, facial expression, etc. Its actually incredible the amount of communication there is between humans on a daily, even hourly basis. But there are also many ways animals can communicate as well. Language is something that has become universal, species might not speak the same language and may not even speak at all but they still have ways to communicate.
Languages across the world have uniqueness and special characteristic to them but, “universally they have vocal signs that are not all that different from chimpanzee expressions of emotion. These include: sighing, crying in sorrow, groaning, crying with pain, screaming with fright, and laughing.” (Shanafelt). When we think of language, we specifically think of communication between individual humans or groups, but do not take into account that animals and species alike also communicate in different ways through language. Webster’s definition of language is a prime example, “the system of words or signs that people use to express thoughts and…

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