Essay on Differences Between Hinduism And Hinduism

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Although Hinduism is one of the world’s largest and most popular religion, it is unique and unlike other prevalent religions. Hinduism is most popular in southern Asian countries such as India and Nepal. One would assume for that to become popular and remain relevant that the Hindu religion would have to be similar to the other religions but it actually stands one in its various facets. Hinduism has no lone founder, no single set of teachings and no definite scripture. These unique characteristics are unheard of in the religious world (British Broadcasting Corporation, BBC 2009). Other characteristics set Hinduism apart from other religions such as the hundreds of gods. When we think about other popular religions such as Catholicism or Judaism, God and Jesus are relevantly known but this not the case for Hinduism. This paper will discuss a few features found in Hinduism that makes this religion different and unique than any other religion.
Let us start with the origin of Hinduism. The religion itself was culminated from various teachings, traditions and cultures. L. D. Barnett says: “Hinduism is not one homogeneous growth of religious thought. It is, on the contrary and aggregation of minor growths, some of cognate origin, some of foreign provenance, all grouped under the shadow of one mighty tree.” (Ballou, 1976, p.19) This quote perfectly sums up my interpretation of the Hindu religion. It shows that Hinduism is ever changing, evolving and improving upon itself.…

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