Analysis Of Flowers In The Attic

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Flowers in the Attic was a book written by V.C Andrews. It was published in November of 1979. This book was so fun and exciting to read! The difference between the book and movie is that the book talks about Corrine coming home and telling about her being pregnant with twins, while in the movie it doesn 't talk about it. The movie starts when Christopher, who is the father,dies in a car accident.
The story is about a mother and her 4 children going to live at their grandmother’s house after their father is killed in a car accident. The mother’s name is Corrine. The oldest child is the 14 year old boy Chris, then Cathy, a girl who is 12, and the twins Cory and Carrie which are 4. After the children 's father dies, Corrine cannot afford the house and all the payments
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The twins have stopped growing because they are not getting enough sunlight. One day, Chris walks in on Cathy naked and is distracted. Their grandmother walks in on them and tells Christ to cut Cathy 's hair off for punishment, so she won 't feel pretty anymore. If he doesn’t do this, all 4 children will not eat for a week. Christopher doesn 't cut Cathy 's hair so their grandmother sneaks in and puts tar in Cathy 's hair. Cathy cuts her hair so the twins can eat. Corrine finally comes to visit the children. It has been six months since she has last visited them. She tells the children she has married Bart, the guy she was with at the Christmas party, and they have just gotten back from their honeymoon. Cathy and Chris are angry with Corrine. They say hateful things to her. Corrine says she will not come back to visit them until they apologize. Meanwhile, Cathy and Chris become physically attracted to one another, and start to fall in love. They can 't help it because they are not around other people so it 's hard to control

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