Differences Between Chicana Feminism And The Women 's Movement

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Two common themes in el movimento, the women’s movement, and Chicana feminism included employment and education . Employment and education are universal terms applied to various social movements but possess different meanings across movements. Their difference in meaning for Anglo women and Chicanas influenced Chicana’s reason to disassociate with the Women’s movement. Both groups of women agreed for the change in employment and education, but as Chicanas would soon argue, what these issues meant to white, middle-class women did not hold the same meaning to Chicanas. Adelaida R. Del Castillo explains in her article the difference between Chicana feminism and the women’s movement, “This includes welfare, education, child care, birth control, the law - all these issues which the white feminists are all dealing with but are entirely different. They become entirely different because, what child care means to the white woman, means an entirely different thing to the Chicana woman because she has additional considerations.”
Employment advocacy is seen in both the women’s movement and in emerging Chicana activism. Equal pay and increase job opportunities are universal statements applied to women and their fight against sexism. But according to Chicanas, these goals largely represented white middle-class women and ignored the predicament of Chicanas. Of course, Chicanas acknowledged the issues of equal pay and job opportunities, but in terms of employment, Chicanas still lagged…

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