Difference Between Transport Line And Bus Lines

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Introduction Comparisons and debates on which transport model should be applied between bus lines or train lines are important to explore for the appropriate application of public transport and urge the need for analysis for determining which system is more adequate. Superficially, the train line might be superior in terms of fixed routes, attracting investors, the benefit in the evaluation and always become the chosen system of the policy makers. However, the implementation of bus lines when assimilated further will surpass the advantages of rail lines. This article will first discuss about the focus on the financial aspect, where the train line consumes an enormous expenditure without presenting any solution while bus lines ensures minimal …show more content…
With only $3.00-3.50 per vehicle kilometre, bus lines outpace rail lines which need $3-5 per vehicle kilometre. The other fact is that bus lines generate 50 % lower for capital costs than rail lines. He also claims, however, with the definite line a rail line gives confidence to contractors and financiers for implementing their businesses. This advantage is proved not only owned by the train line. For an example in Curitiba, Brazil, bus lines integrated into the well-organized urban plan for the need of public transportation. The application of these bus lines works impressively because the innovative bus line operations are able to meet the demands from city development plans and marketing purposes (Smith & Hensher, 1998, p. …show more content…
The high costs required to implement rail line systems need to consider, because for the same cost, bus line systems can be maximised and bring more advantages. In terms of effectiveness, decision makers need to promote effectiveness for the successful implementation of bus lines and override their desire for rail lines that do not resolve problems. suggestions after analysing this paper are governments require to consider the maximisation of bus lines rather than applying costly train lines, and further studies are needed to determine whether the combination of the application of bus and train lines can provide brilliant solutions in overcoming problems in the provision of public

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