Difference Between The Colonists And British Colonists

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The American Colonists vs. British Parliament
The American Colonists had ample justification for waging war and breaking away from Britain. This belief is supported by four reasons. First, the colonists were not treated fairly by the British Parliament. Another reason is they had to pay extremely high taxes. Third, the “Boston Massacre” happened when Britain was abusing the power it had over the Americans. Lastly, the British were very aggressive towards the colonists when they did not need to be and they abused their power over the colonists. Around 1765, the British parliament started to treat the American citizens like they were not citizens. They treated them so unfairly compared to how they treated the people in their own
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The boys and men that were there were not using weapons, they were simply just using snowballs. But, the British Soldiers were armed and had guns and they abused their power when they ended up shooting them. That day five colonists lost their lives because of this and others were injured. In the engraving in Doc. 3 you can see that that the British were prepared to shoot at the colonists and the colonists were just standing in a crowd. This peice of propaganda shows how the Americans saw the situation. (Doc …show more content…
“Men of passive tempers look somewhat lightly over the offences of Great Britain,” (Paine). This show that he believed that the people of Great Britain were very aggressive in their ways of fighting the colonists. They used their powers they had over the colonists to their advantage. They thought they could use force to get them to do things. When the colonists boycotted British goods the King was mad. He decided to cut off the trade port on Boston from the Americans. This showed that they believed if America was not going to trade with their country then they could not trade with any other country. The parliament was using their powers to the extreme in this situation because now the Americans had to make and supply every item they wanted or needed now.

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