Difference Between Space And Race

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Classification is the process of sorting out objects in the world into separate parts and groups and it is a necessary aspect in the scientific world. Categorizing chemicals, species, etc.. is easier than categorizing subjects in the humanities. There are many problems that occur when humans classify things based on their own behavior and belief of the world. Both the concept of space and race may play hand to hand due to the different perspectives of the definition of space and both can be methods of classification. Michel de Certeau explores the difference between space and a place while Professor David Torres-Rouff described the history of Los Angeles and how it has evolved through time. Space and race are two different subjects, but both play hand to hand and can create and unusual outcome of discrimination and racism. If we look back in human history we have created majestic cities, governments, and cultures in short terms a society. Although, humans have created an intricate …show more content…
At the time race did not play a huge factor in the social status but rather through property and power. However, once the U.S. obtained California the customs soon also replaced the Spanish culture. Professor Torres- Rouff showed the change of L.A in his lecture “Space, Identity, and Public Power in Nineteenth Century Los Angeles”. He showed that of the time white people defined space and a place and created boundaries that distinguished the races. This was also possible because of the time most of the people who had public power were white majority. Rouff defines public power as “A set of ideas and principles that inform the way individuals and groups conceive of and act to achieve that which they understand to be the public good” (23). It is important to remember that public power was held by the white majority and the outcome and the progression of the city was left in their

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