Essay On Palestine And Zionism

Palestine and Zionism: The Thin Line between Hatred and Justice In 1947, millions of Palestinians lost their rights to their land. They were wiped off the map, abused in their own homes, and forcibly removed from their country. Children were slaughtered fearlessly, fathers were run over with tanks as they stood guard in front of their homes, and mothers were sexually and mentally assaulted in prisons. A nation once known for its beauty, kindness, and hospitality was entirely destructed and their name was erased from the history books of countries around the world. Before the 1800s, there was only peace in the land of Palestine. However, after the years of the holocaust, Jewish communities around the world were struck with the fear that they …show more content…
One major issue is the tactics Israel uses during war on Palestinians. One very well known method is the use of Palestinian children as Israeli shields, despite Israeli forces claiming Hamas does so (Khalek). All aid is blocked from neighboring and outsides counties attempting to bring in medical, psychological, and financial aid. While Palestinians only have the defense of rocks, which can give stone-throwers three years of prison in itself (Salhani), Israel has the constant overflow of artillery and missiles. Zionist Arab countries (such as Egypt, a major Israeli ally) allow the borders surrounding Palestinians to remain closed; even if the innocent flee the violence, they will meet the same deadly fate beyond the borders. According to “If Americans Knew”, a website constantly updating with yearly casualties in multiple areas such as home displacements and civilian murders, reported that since only 2000, 132 Israeli children have been killed. On the other hand, over 4,500 Palestinian children were killed (not including this year’s casualties). Likewise, over 75,000 Palestinians were injured compared to the 10,000 Israeli injury rate. Along with that, another 10,000 Palestinians were murdered in contrast to the 1,184 Israeli death rate since 2000

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