Islam Vs. Perception

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Muslim and Islam Vs. Perception The Islamic faith and the muslims in general have been victims of perception in America ever since the war in the Middle East started and the terrorist attack on the Twin Towers on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The people that originate from the Middle East are perceived as terrorists or religious extremists. This perception has affected and continues to affect people from these parts of the world till the day of today. How Muslims and the Islam religion is perceived affects them in negative ways but these perceptions are far from reality. The world 's perception of Muslims of the Islamic religion aren’t the best. Commonly all of the Islamic faith or anyone related to Islam are considered violent …show more content…
The mass media are used as the most important weapon. [...]. The media shapes the world how we see it.” (1). Professor Mirza referred to the radio, newspapers, the Internet and especially the television as the media and said this is what shapes how we see the world but in the same article he later explained “Most Western with considerable financial resources and multiple channels try to show the rough side of the Islam to their public” (“Perception of Islam, Mirza 1). If the media is showing the rough side of Islam, the religious extremist side and if “the media shapes the world how we see it”then the rough side is all the world knows about the Islamic religion (“Perception of Islam” Mirza 1). This is what shifts the perception of the Islam from what is the reality. In a recent census done by the Barna Group suggested that “One-third of Americans (33%) have a favorable perception of Islam, while slightly more (36%) say they have an unfavorable perception of the religion.” (“Americans think about Islam” 1). 36% of Americans perception on the Islamic religion is hostile, almost ⅖ of the american population think that muslims can …show more content…
They feel the hatred and discrimination from their fellow human beings because of this perception. Lisa the author of American Perceptions of Islam concluded “Even though two thirds of Americans (63%) admit that they have little or no knowledge about Islam, according to a recent Gallup poll, almost half of Americans acknowledge some level of prejudice against Islam (53%) and Muslims (43%).” (1). This level of prejudice because of a perception many have is out of hand. Muslims and Middle Eastern citizens of the Islamic faith are racially profiled and discriminated daily. Professor mirza continued his claim stating “The media have tried to represent Muslims as ‘Terrorists’ posing a threat to the western security. [...]. In recent years, this approach has lead to the emergence of ‘ISLAMOPHOBIA.’”. Muslims are mistreated on a regular basis because of a perception of violence that is most of times related to their religion. The same article The Perception of Islam and Muslims in the Media and the Responsibility of European Muslims Towards the Media continues “Little effort has been made to respond to these negative campaigns.” (Imam Merza Page 1). Not much is being done to stop any of these false accusations. On the contrary, many more means of communication are stoking the flame of perception with programs and comments degrading the Islamic religion

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