Difference Between Morality And Ethics

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It differs in that ethics is the philosophical and scientific study of the moral and theoretical while morality is practical.
Ethics is about right and depends on the philosophy and moral change is the behavior that is our life.
Etymologically "ethical" and "moral" have the same meaning.
"Moral" comes from Latin "mos" which means habit or custom; and "ethics" from the Greek "ethos" which means the same.
But now they have come to mean different things and refer to areas or different levels. Morality has to do with the practical level or action. Ethics with the theoretical level or reflection.
Morality is the set of principles, criteria, norms and values that guide our behavior. Morality makes us act in a certain way and lets us know we should
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Morality has to do the practical level of action and tries to answer the question what should I do ?; ethics with the theoretical level of reflection and attempts to answer questions such as what is the moral? How reflection applies to everyday life?
Begin to make ethical answering the first question: what is the moral? To define it: moral actions, moral norms, moral values and moral dilemma.
Difference between ethics and morals
The use of the word ethics and morals word is subject to various conventions and that each author, time or philosophical use them in different ways. But to distinguish be necessary to name the characteristics of each of these words and their similarities and differences.
1. Characteristics of morality. Morality is the real fact that we find in all societies, is a set of rules to know which are transmitted from generation to generation, they evolve over time and have strong differences with respect to the norms of another society and another time historical, these standards are used to guide the conduct of the members of that society. 2. Features of ethics. It is the actual fact given the mentality of some people, it is a set of rules namely principle and reasons that an individual has made and established as a guideline for their own

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