Difference Between Memory And Memory Essay

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a) Define memory, and b) explain how flashbulb memories differ from other memories.

Memory is the learning of an individual that continues to exists overtime. It is the information that is obtained, stored, and gained from the surroundings and experience of an individual, which helps people to learn new skills and abilities where they are able to collect the information to their memory where it is gathered. However, the flashbulb memories differ from other memories because it is the memories that are connected to emotionally significant moments and events of an individual providing a clear vivid image so that the person is able to remember that moment or time. Thus, in this memory the emotions that are surrounded by an event that is remembered by an individual will be less clear and will provide a less vivid image to the person than the details of the event.

a) What is the difference between iconic memory and echoic memory? b) What is the difference between short-term memory and working memory? c) Describe the capacity and duration of short-term memory and long-term memory?

The difference between iconic memory and echoic memory is that iconic memory is the visual representation or mental image of an individual that help people to remember certain things. It is the visual sensory memory associated with the sensory storage of vision whereas echoic memory is when you listen or hear various information and it becomes stored to your memory, where it is the…

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