Flashbulb Memories

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Major events like pearl harbor, world war 2, or the Boston bombing could be “flashbulb memories”. Even memories you had when you were a little kid especially if you look back to them over time. Like how in the Ventura article he says the memories change when you look back at them the older you get. (132)

3. Nadar’s and Brunet’s research is being used to help people with PTSD by giving a drug meant to mess up the reconsolidation of the memories the people PTSD struggle with. Nadars experiments on the mice where he used the drug to interrupt the neurons from making new proteins showed their fear of the high pitched beep disappears. Intrigued psychologist Brunet, who struggles with PTSD, himself started real life test on people with PTSD. It’s
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He sees a mother kiss her child and it triggers a terrible memory of what his mother did to him when he was a child. This unwarranted memory changed how he sees his childhood and his memories are now tainted this is shown when he says “With these hidden memories that have come forth, and now my past is different” (132). Ventura also talks about how his view of his father are different than his memories of him when he was a …show more content…
(2)Some memories that could be flashbulb memories are memories of a traumatic event or a childhood memory you are fond of. Especially if you are trying to remember something particular of a memory like the face of the person who attacked you. The memory is more likely to be changed as explained by Nadar because we think back on it so much and “with each repetition having the potential to alter them” (2) A flashbulb memory for me is when my dad mowed over his foot. I could have sworn my Aunt was in the back of the truck with me but it turns out she was driving the truck. I think back and try and picture my aunt in both places and try to see which one seems more real but I’ve imagined it different too many times to be able to tell which is real anymore. I think that is exactly what Nadar was talking

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