Natural Law Theory Of Morality

What is morality? Morality is an abstract concept in which one perceives certain actions as right or wrong, mostly based on religion.
However, these ethics vary among societies; in a country in which Islam is seen as the main religion and Sharia law is adapted, women can only have one husband while men are allowed to have up to four wives. This is a direct example that proves the natural law theory by explaining that a connection between law and morality exists. The natural law theory tries to explain that it is not the authorities than define natural laws but it is morality instead. These theorists also believe that if a law is unjust or immoral, it should not be followed as is prevents people from living a harmonious life.

A law is a written
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In fact, their belief entirely opposes another. Legal positivists believe that “legal rules or laws are valid not because they are rooted in moral or natural law, but because they are enacted by legitimate authority and are accepted by the society as such”.

The main difference between law and morality is that if one ‘breaks’ the law and gets caught, they will receive a justified punishment for their action, most commonly known being sent to prison. Where a person goes against the moral values within a society and there is no law to support it, they would only be seen as deviant.

There have certainly been circumstances which have showed proof for the fact that law and morality are connected, however this does not necessarily mean that laws are always
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Nowadays, this legal system is constantly in the process of adapting to the economic, cultural and social developments of a modern society. This can be shown in the case of R v R (rape marital exemption) (1991). In 1736 Chief Justice Hale said that a husband should not be guilty of rape if committed upon his (lawful) wife. In this case, there has not been a formal separation between the spouses and the husband was charged with rape. This decision was justified as being a concept of the common law and that marital exemption was not actually a real legislation of England. By contrast, as previously mention in countries where Sharia law exists, if a woman is raped, she is not allowed to testify against the person she has been raped

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