Difference Between International And International Adoption

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International and Transracial Adoption There are hundreds of tragic events that leave children sundered from their families and left to an orphanage or foster home such as natural disasters, death, abuse, and neglect. Though this may be true, international and transracial adoptions cause emotional and behavioral problems in children. Adopting parents from America need to be more aware of the different problems and risks these children are susceptible to before ripping them from their country of origin. In order to understand the risks and problems involved in international and transracial adoption, it is important for one to know the difference between the two types. International adoption is an adoption process where either one person …show more content…
The advantages of adopting a child from another country or adopting from another race, or both, are quite obvious. These orphans are given protection and loving homes. “Boys and girls who are unaccompanied and/or separated from primary caregivers may be more vulnerable to child trafficking, labor and social exploitation, or recruitment as child soldiers.” (Evan). Though is may be true, these risks are only possible if the child is separated from their caregiver and research shows that international adoption actually contributes to abduction, trafficking, and coercion. Although most children who are adopted are given love and new opportunities, when it comes down to it, “...love and good intentions are not enough.” (Callahan). Most people now are adopting children for the wrong reasons anyway. International adoption has become a way of finding children for families when adoption should be a way of finding families for children.
Overall, the disadvantages and negative effects of transracial and international adoption are huge. Americans most often to not understand how to deal with these children’s problems as effectively as the people who would have otherwise been raising these kids. Before adopting a child, no matter what country they’re from and no matter what race they are, it is important to be educated and prepared for the challenges that come with them. If this is not the case, not only will the child suffer, but the family may

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