Difference Between Gametogenesis And Spermatogenesis

How eggs and sperms are produced? Explain in detail the mechanism of fusion of Egg and sperm in human?
Gametogenesis is the formation of the sex cells in multicellular eukaryotes. The word Gameto mean the gametes and genesis for formation of . Gametes typically come in male (sperm) and female (eggs). In human , the process involves two specialized cell divisions. The purpose is to create a haploid cell able to be well-suited with another haploid cell. Sperms is formed by the process called spermatogenesis and eggs are formed by the process is called spermatogenesis and oogenesis respectively, details of these processes is given below
Spermatocytogenesis is the formation of spermato- cytes and takes
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It is the process of producing female gametes.The sex determination of the embryo has occurred. The occurrence of the SRY gene on the Y chromosome on the male gonad formation and spermatogenesis, while female gonad development is the ‘default state’. The process of oogenesis produce egg cellsis also called ova.The spermatogenesis, oogenesis involves the formation of haploid sex cells in the process of meiosis.
Oogenesis takes place in the female ovaries.
The primary oocyte increases in size and a membrane, the zona pellucida, forms around it as the follicle matures Before ovulation, the primary oocyte also completes the first meiotic division.
The secondary oocyte gets almost all the
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A propos 2 million primary oocytes are present in the ovaries of a infant femal. Many relapse during childhood so that at puberty about 30-40 thousand remain. Only about 200-400 of these ever accomplish full maturity after puberty. They are expelled at ovulation during the female's reproductive life.
Egg cells and Sperm cells are different from each other in character and purposes. Both of these cells play an important part in human reproduction. Each cell is implanted with 23 chromosomes and when they fuse together the chromosomes pair up with each other and form a baby. Mechanism of fusion of Egg and sperm in human
The fusion of egg cell and sperm cell to produced zygot . The fertilization brigs male and female gametes together and produce diploid zygot,It also activates the egg in the beginning of embryo.The fertilization occur . The ova is visible within 24 hour after the ovulation .
Mechanism of fertilization :
1 Encounter of spermatozoa and ova 2 Capicitation and contact
3 Acrosome reaction and penetration 4 Fusion of egg and sperm with the egg
5 Activation (The Egg’s

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