Difference Between Anthropology And Physical Anthropology

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Anthropology is the science of humans; this particular science is dedicated to the comparative study of humans as physical and cultural beings. Cultural anthropology and Physical anthropology are two distinct specialties within the broader discipline. Early on when anthropologists studied physical anthropology, they were studying humans as biological organisms based on fossil remains containing DNA. Cultural anthropology studies human beings by examining the culture of different groups and societies. Although each field studies two different aspects, they both have one thing in common; they both study humans and evolution. Both Physical and Cultural anthropologists use the scientific method to study evolution, and create evolutionary theories …show more content…
In this study anthropologists compare old fossilized remains to the bones of living groups, comparing them allows researchers to reconstruct the course of human evolution. It also views human biological variability as a function of responsiveness and adaptation to the environment with a special focus on the role of socio-cultural environments. In most cases, biocultural studies are the use of demographic, genetic and phenotypic traits such as fertility, mortality, anthropometric measurements and catalogs, blood pressure, hemoglobin, genetics markers, and uses indicators of the survival and well being of human populations in different locations. Its’ significance consists in conceptual framework and models for understanding the dynamic interactions among human biological/phenotypic, psychological and socio-cultural traits in response to the environment. The Biocultural approach has been part of the long history of human biology and Physical Anthropology Both physical anthropologists and cultural anthropologists observe and experience everything they gather then classify, organize and understand it. Using the data gathered, both Physical and Cultural anthropologists form a hypothesis. The hypothesis is tested and then becomes a theory. The difference between physical and cultural anthropology is in the data collected. While both physical and cultural anthropology often rely on field work, artifacts, and observation, it is the type of evidence and how it is collected that make the areas differ. Physical anthropology is concerned with their physical evidence and its interpretation – the fossil record and genetic/DNA evidence. Cultural anthropology, while still interested in as a biological aspect, because culture is often considered a part of biology, frequently uses more interpretation of

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