Difference Between American And British English Essay

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Difference Between American and British English-In My Experience
If you ask an American what is your favorite English accent, they will most likely respond enthusiastically with “British accent!” Many Americans adore British English and view it to be more sophisticated and posh, as the Britons would say. While the American English, though every state differs in the accent, is thought to be too bland. I’ve always assumed the two accents come from the same language, use the same grammar, but that they only differ in pronunciation. My perception of British English in comparison to American English has drastically changed over the years since I began regular visits to the UK. My astonishment started in the airport when I saw a sign that read “toilet” instead of “bathroom,” and the surprising look I got from a server at Costa when I asked for water and not “wo-ter.” The difference between American English and British English is not a coincidence. Their variation has a history that dates back to the first time the Pilgrim Fathers landed in America. Furthermore, though on the surface it appears that British English and American English are the same, which they are to an extent because they are the same language, but under the layers of distinctive accent, lay complex grammar, idiomatic expressions, and lexicality differences.
Before the English language divided into the different types of English we have present day, most common being American and British English, it was a simple…

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