Diets And Fitness Routines That Help Me Lose Weight Essay

1521 Words Nov 30th, 2016 7 Pages
As I flipped through the latest “Seventeen” magazine, my eyes centralized solely on the teenage models dressed in tight fitting clothes with the headline saying, “How to Look Hot”. I carefully read the tips on diets and fitness routines that could help me lose weight. My goal was to look as skinny as those girls in the magazine. If I didn’t look like them, I wouldn’t be attractive. I mentally prompted myself to stay clear of carbs and to only eat three meals a day with only snacks with less than hundred calories in between. I glanced at my scale in the corner of my room that I stole from my parents reminding myself that I recently gained two pounds in the last twelve hours; I weighed myself every day. My mind was interrupted as my mom asked me if I wanted any ice cream. I quickly declined, I already fulfilled my nine-hundred calories a day diet, and returned back to my magazine. After finishing my magazine and intricately noting all of the tips, I went to bed hoping that in five years, when I turn seventeen, I would look like the models do in the magazine. Unknowingly, I was brainwashed excessively into thinking my normal body was obese, resulting in my dangerous attempts to try to be accepted into society. Skinny is often characterized as being healthy. When one is skinny, the common thought is they are able to take better care of themselves than others. “In western societies such as Australia the ideal female body shape has been a slim physique, although increasingly,…

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