Dietary Supplements Vs. Eating Healthy Essay

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Dietary Supplements Vs. Eating Healthy
“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn Although many people rely on dietary supplements being healthy is a lifestyle of eating greens and having a well balanced diet. Many people believe it is okay to take dietary supplements and getting surgery to be healthy, However they do not know the negative effects to all of this commotion. Many dietary supplements have products that can cause you to have bad diseases in the future. Some dietary supplements can be very addictive and some can taste great however, they are not helping you be healthy, they just help you lose weight the unhealthy way. Many energy drinks and shakes have a large amount of sugar. Sugar is not good for you at all, In some cases, your body does need sugar, however you shall not drink an energy drink to get the sugar your body needs. Instead why not have a couple of fruits.Being healthy is not a hard decision to make, however society makes it tough with dietary supplements that are made.
Eating greens, such as kale salad and broccoli, will help you have a well balanced diet. There are also many other foods that will help you have a well balanced diet such as wheat and bananas. Bananas are great for a large amount of things. They can improve your eyesight, help you have healthy kidneys, reduce blood pressure. There are many great natural foods in this world that people do not know much about for example there is coconut oil. coconut…

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