Essay about Diet Pills And Weight Loss Supplements

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The problem of obesity in our society is becoming more severe progressively. One of the results of this unfortunate development is the increased focus of pharmaceutical companies on the problem. These companies see the obesity problem as an opportunity to make money by selling drugs that promise weight reduction without requisite exercise and controlled diet. In a society that yearns for miracle solutions to serious problems, the appeal of weight loss drugs is immense.
Diet pills and weight loss supplements are widely available in the United States. They come in several forms – pills, powders, liquids, bars and others – and are sold in drug stores, supermarkets, and health food stores and online. Despite wide and easy availability, the supplements are not regulated federally. The absence of oversight by the Food & Drug Administration results in several problems. One, the promises of weight loss made by manufacturers are often exaggerated and based on suspect data; proper scientific study and statistical analyses to determine the purported efficacy and effectiveness of the drugs is almost always missing. The second problem is the safety of the drugs. Even when they contain individually harmless ingredients, the combined effects of the ingredients can be harmful. The public often assumes that naturally occurring herbal ingredients are safe to consume. This, however, is not true. The third problem is that the drugs, and their marketing, often makes people believe that the…

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