Diet Pills And Its Effects Essay

1791 Words Nov 20th, 2015 null Page
Even though, diet pills could be used for anyone who’s trying to lose weight, they are bad for you because if diet pills are not used properly, they could be deadly and diet pills are not meant for people who just want to lose weight for fun. Diet pills are supplements that were created to reduce unhealthy and unsafe fat on your body. Most people who are NOT prescribed dietary supplements intend to get addicted. What people don 't understand is that if you consume diet pills, sure you 'll lose weight for the time being but it’s not long lasting. The only way to get rid of weight for good is the good old fashion way, and that is working out, getting a good exercise and also eating healthier. Diet pills frequently claim to achieve weight loss by increasing metabolism, altering appetite levels, or interrupting the normal absorption of fat or calories. Dietary supplements often contain large quantities of addictive substances, such as ephedrine, caffeine, or herbal stimulants, which can have severe side effects, especially if people develop a diet pill addiction. An addiction to pills can develop at any time through the lifespan, with all age groups having vulnerabilities to drug abuse. Individuals who consume diet pills may experience increased stamina, euphoric feelings, or temporary weight loss. Most of the causes of a Diet Pills addiction A.K.A the “FIX” for weight loss or for the purpose of altering one’s body. Individuals who use diet pills under a doctor 's…

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