Did One Single Disaster Cause The K T Extinctions? Essay

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Did one single disaster cause the K-T extinctions?

Some scientists and people are committed to just one reason the K-T extinctions occurred but in this paper many possibilities will be explored with evidence to back up why they could have been a cause as well to the extinctions. Everyone will ultimately make his or her own decision/thoughts on what could have happened, and of course all hypotheses would be subject to analysis.
Asteroid impact theory. The impact of a 10 km+ asteroid would blow a huge rock and vapor above the atmosphere, this would form a large dust cloud that would settle out slowly through the atmosphere during a few weeks, months, or even years. The impact and cloud would spread material that would cover the entire world.
Here is one possible occurrence of an impact. The Chicxulub impact has rocks that contain high quantities of sulfur, they produce very high amounts of sulfate vapors into the atmosphere that have caused acid rains a lot more devastating than normal industrial pollution. The effects of this would cause some species that breathe air to suffocate, destroy plants, and shells of marine creatures on the surface and shores. Some other effects of the aerosols and debris are that they could cut down the sun 's rays for long periods of times, this would affect how land plants photosynthesize. Finally, once the aerosols have disappeared, the massive amounts of CO2 released would generate a greenhouse effect that would elevate the Earths…

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