Diary Of A Wimpy Kid: Book Analysis

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Reading, a pastime I did not really enjoy, There was nothing anybody could do to get me to read. If someone wanted me to read they would have to strap me down in a chair, and force my eyes to go across the pages. Okay, not literally, I am over dramatizing, but I really did not like reading, until one day a book I read changed everything. In the late Autumn of 2008, my mother was searching through the Scholastic Book Club catalog that was from my school library. In it were many books that I quickly dismissed as boring, lengthy, and pictureless. My interest at that time was not in reading but primarily in video games and playing baseball but my mother bought me a book that I could not put down, Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a book about a middle school student by the name of Greg Heffley. Greg is a lazy, socially awkward individual with his only hobby being that he plays video games. He eventually has a crush on a girl by the name of Holly, but cannot talk to her due to his lack of social skills.Even though I read this book a long time ago, it played a major role in shaping my life. In the book I see myself as Greg Heffley because we share many traits, one of those traits being laziness. …show more content…
Greg really did not like talking to people. He hated people so much he called almost everyone he went to middle school with “morons.” As a matter of fact they were not the “morons”, he was. Greg Heffley was the only person that believed that singing the “clean -up” song instead of actually cleaning up would make him more liked. These antisocial thoughts and feelings not only caused Mr. Heffley to hate people, but hindered him from interacting socially like most of his other peers. He could not even talk to his crush, Holly without running away in tears. Even though it is difficult to talk to someone we may really like, a person should run away in tears out of

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