Diagnosis : Symptoms And Symptoms Essay

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Diagnosis I started out diagnosing Mr. Shackleford with PTSD and slight OCD. As I researched a little more on the multitude of disorders I now believe that he should be diagnosed with PTSD and specific phobia. He has many qualities that relate to many disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder, depression, and generalized anxiety disorder. Out of all five of these disorders I would still choose PTSD and specific phobia.
To be diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder a person needs to have all of the following:re-experiencing, avoidance, alteration of mood, and hyper arousal. I believe that Mr. Shackleford has all 4 of these symptoms. He shows re-experiencing when he remembers/experiences memories that have occurred while in the military. Me mentions that he has daily encounters of the event stat he has seen. Alteration in mood occurs while he is in loud crowds. This reminds him of being overseas as well. He can’t focus on one conversation when all he hears is a constant buzz of talking. Shackleford experiences hyper-arousal when he tries to sleep. He has nightmares that will keep him up at night leading to the final criteria fro PTSD which is avoidance. He avoids many things in life such as construction sites, taking a shower, and big crowds. All of these lead to reminders of what he experienced while in Iraq. The symptoms of specific phobia consist of fear and or anxiety due to certain objects or situations. The next symptoms is exposure of the…

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