Alzheimer's Case Study

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1) When suspected of having Alzheimer 's disease you must go get evaluated by a physician. They professional will run diagnostic test to know whether they have a diagnosis of Alzheimer 's or not. It is to be noted that to officially know if a patient has Alzheimer 's is to run a brain autopsy on the patient. The examiner will look at brain tissue see if plaque and tangles exist in the brain. It is after this we can officially know if a person has the disease or not after they are dead.
2) The average age of getting diagnose with Alzheimer 's is at 65 years old. Usually by this time the person may be in the latter stages of Alzheimer 's and the average lifespan after getting diagnose at that age is around 8 year in which the disease gets progressively
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Having trouble recalling something that they just may have seen or heard. Poor reasoning skills may show a decline. Patient may forget to do daily task such as paying a bill. Their visuospatial skills may be a deficit as well. Patients may be able to see a drawing on paper but are unable to copy that drawing onto their paper. Patients may avoid difficult task or sequencing tasking such as reading a book. A person may be disoriented and may not know where to go or how to get anywhere in any setting they are in. Patients may become depressed because they are noticing slight difficulties in their daily life and may compensate for them which is why many diagnosis happen at the middle to final stages of dementia. Initial cognitive decline happens in this stage. In the middles stage the symptoms of the early stage gets worse overtime. In addition person maybe have agitation and have weird rituals like pacing and handing objects numerous of times. Acalculia happens when a person’s skill in mathematics begin to decline. Patients suffer from agnosia which is failing to name or remember objects. Patients may have delusions and act on them. Person may make baseless accusations and try and hide things, may have emotional outburst and may have inappropriate humor. Patients cognitive declines every more and patients may get so disoriented that they may wander off. In the final stages all the symptoms mentioned they have all gotten severe in the decline. Also, physical appearance may deteriorate. Patients may be bed ridden and of patient are not using all of their muscles that begin to atrophy and person will lose weight. This will affect motor defects as well like not being able to walk or do thing for themselves. Cognitive and memory abilities are severely affected person is not able to do anything by

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