The Aftermaths Of Concussions In Football

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Whenever I heard about somebody getting a concussion I never thought too much about it. I have always known about football players getting concussions but I never knew how serious they could be. The movie and the documentary helped me realize how serious a concussion can be. In the movie it showed how the fans of football didn’t realize what concussions were doing to some of their favorite football players. The documentary put into perspective how the NFL finally came to a realization of the aftermaths of concussions.After seeing all of these things I realized that a concussion was not just some basic injury, it is something that can cause a normal person with a normal life to lose everything. When we watched the movie “Concussion” I learned that many people really didn’t care about the injuries in football. In the movie when Dr. Omalu tried to tell everyone about the injury no one really listened to him. The football community was wondering why he was cutting open one of their football icons. What they did not know was that the research led him to finding out the reason MIke Webster died. Dr. Omalu continued to do his research even when everyone told him not to. His perseverance led him to discovering Chronic …show more content…
CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) is “a progressive degenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma” (Boston University, 2009). Some first known cases of CTE were in the 1920’s when doctors noticed CTE in boxers. It was later found in retired football players. After being repeatedly hit, the trauma of the concussions would “trigger progressive degeneration of brain tissue” (Boston University, 2009). The changes in the brain can begin at any point of time after the player has had a concussion. Some signs that are tied with the brain degeneration are memory loss, confusion, and impulsive control

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