Diabetic Teaching Plan for Nurses Essay

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C.S. is a morbidly obese 32-year-old female admitted to the hospital on 8/26/05 with an admitting diagnosis of poly-drug overdose. According to the patient, the last thing she remembers is going to bed and then waking up in the hospital 2 days later without any recollection of what had happened. She has a history of suicide twice in the past, but denies suicidal ideations this time. C.S. also has a history of Diabetes type II that is normally controlled with oral medications. She states that she checks her blood glucose at home and it has been in the 200mg/dl range for the past month. Current blood glucose is 256mg/dl. C.S. is to be discharged tomorrow with a new prescription for insulin. Assessment data that indicates learning …show more content…
If you have low blood sugar, immediately eat or drink something that has fast-acting sugar in it. Some examples are: soda, candy bar, 2 teaspoons of sugar or honey, or a cup of fruit juice (Aldridge, 2005 p.36-38). The web site www.patient-education.com has an interactive video on the steps to take if your blood sugar is either high or low. In the last part of the first hour I would explain that keeping your blood sugar at constant acceptable levels allow you to enjoy a healthier and happier life. Some of the diseases associated with uncontrolled diabetes include: infections, blindness, strokes, heart attacks, and sensory and motor changes in the hands and feet. By monitoring blood glucose levels, taking your medication as prescribed and controlling fluctuations in blood glucose levels, you can delay and even prevent many of the diseases associated with diabetes. This will increase your ability to perform ADL's, decrease the possibility of future hospital stays and allow you to enjoy a healthier life (Daly, 2004 p.33-35). The last two hours will be spent on how to give an insulin shot. First we will go over the parts of a syringe and needle. Next we will cover the type of insulin and how to draw it up into the syringe. Last, we will go over the sites of injection and administration. I will provide a visual aid on how to give a

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