Diabetic Alert Dogs And Persons With Diabetes Mellitus Essay

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Diabetic Alert Dogs and Persons with Diabetes Mellitus It is always being said that dogs are man’s best friend. Not only can dogs be considered adorable and wonderful pets, they also have been proven to be remarkable service animals. According to the United States Service Dog Registry (2013), service dogs are dogs that are independently trained to accommodate for each individual’s specific disability. The most recent discovery of service dogs’ abilities are medical detection dogs. Medical detection dogs are dogs who are trained to detect certain medical conditions using their keen sense of smell. The medical detection dog has been proven to detect a variety of diseases, including diabetes mellitus (Knight, 2011). Diabetes Mellitus is a medical condition in which blood glucose levels are high (hyperglycemia) because of the body’s failure to use the glucose as energy (American Diabetes Association, 2016). The medical detection dog that assist people with diabetes are considered to be diabetic alert dogs (DAD). DADs are trained medical detection dogs, who can detect dangerously high glucose (hyperglycemia) and low glucose (hypoglycemia) in people with diabetes, and alert the person (Diabetic Alert Dog Alliance, 2016). The purpose of this paper is to discuss what diabetic alert dogs do and the benefits they have physically, emotionally, and also, how they assist in the health by being an alert system for people with diabetes.
Diabetic Alert Dogs Job In order to be a diabetic…

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