Diabetes: The Leading Causes Of Obesity

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Obesity is one of the leading causes to major health issues like diabetes. Diabetes is a chronic condition that comes in two different types. Type one diabetes is hereditary and type two diabetes is caused by obesity. Type one diabetes is when your pancreas does not produce insulin. Type two diabetes is when your pancreas does not produce enough insulin or your body can not take in or absorb the insulin. There are many other different causes to diabetes other than obesity but some individuals are beyond their weight limit that the body can hold. According to Bethany Kochan, “ Individuals who are obese have a 50 to 100-percent higher risk of premature death from all causes. This is due to the fact that excess body weight increases your risk …show more content…
People are always in the know of what their body is capable of doing. We don’t all have the same kind of body that Brad Pitt has or the bodies from the models at Victoria 's Secret. We are who we are because of our genetic makeup and that in itself does not make us any different than yourself. We can not choose to be fat or skinny but we can choose whether we manage that and try to lose weight or we can just live with it and become numb to other side effects. Obesity is a self control manner which means you can do all of the weight loss programs and the dieting but before we even come to terms of thinking about that, we are suffering from all the other side effects such as diabetes. All in all, us as Americans, are not the healthiest. We should take the first step in ending this epidemic of obesity. We should encourage little kids to choose a carrot instead of a French fry or an apple instead of a fatty burger from McDonald 's. We should stop targeting kids as a fast food product and start targeting them towards something healthy. “If you have type 1 diabetes, the chance that your child will get diabetes is about 1 in 20” (Favret, Pollock 3). Many people that do not have diabetes do not understand the side effects of their kid getting it. Society will endure many challenges in their lifetime such as diabetes and obesity, whether they chose to deal with it or cope with it and manage them is on their own schedule. If us as society stand up for the more healthier lifestyle than we can end the epidemic

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