Essay about Diabetes : Different Types Of Diabetes

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Many of Americas live with two different kinds of diabetes in worldwide. Nowadays for an America even a child may get diabetes it’s a very common. When a woman is pregnant, she as well is common on getting diabetes. Many times the person may get diabetes from genes meaning one of the parents may have it. Many people seem to be getting diabetes nowadays since it’s becoming very common. I believe it’s because what it’s in our food and what the people eat.
There are two different types of diabetes. The first type of diabetes usually occurs in small children and young children. When it comes to type 1 diabetes it affects the immune system as well as attacking the insulin when it’s producing the cells of the pancreas. That’s when type 1 of diabetes cannot be produced by insulin. That will require a lifetime long of insulin in order to survive for a lifetime. Type 2 of diabetes will have a lot more of risk factors with a person. For type 2 the person may be required to control their sugar levels. Type 2 diabetes is very common when a person is over 40 years old. When having type 2 the person will have to watch their health and their blood sugar as well. As for any kind of disease out there, not everyone might get it. Just like when a woman is pregnant the women can get diabetes. Gestational diabetes is when a pregnant woman gets diabetes while being pregnant. That doesn’t mean that the women already had diabetes before being pregnant, she gets it while being pregnant. Diabetes…

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