Devry Laws 310 (the Legal Environment)Entire Course - Updated 2015

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DevRy LAWS 310 (The Legal Environment)Entire Course - Updated 2015

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Laws 310 Week 1 Assignment
Laws 310 Week 1 Quiz Laws 310 Week 2 Assignment
Laws 310 Week 2 Quiz Laws 310 Week 3 Assignment You Decide; Happy Birthday to You Copyright Law
Laws 310 Week 3 Quiz Laws 310 Week 4 Assignment; Burton vs. State College
Laws 310 Week 4 Quiz Laws 310 Week 5 Assignment; Gries Sport Enterprises V. Cleveland Browns
Laws 310 Week 5 Assignment; Ms Darcy Vs Big Car Company
Laws 310
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persons. the public. B and C. all of the above

Question 6.6.(TCOs 1 & 2) The warrant is intended to protect persons from (Points : 3) overeager law enforcement behavior. bad informants. exigent circumstances. All of the above None of the above

Question 7.7.(TCOs 1 & 2) Juries in criminal cases must render a unanimous verdict because (Points : 3) the Constitution requires it. a person’s liberty is at stake. juries are in the best position to decide if someone is guilty. Both a and b None of the above

Question 8.8.(TCOs 3, 5, & 6) Which of the following indicates a non-ownership interest in real property? (Points : 3) Mortgage Deed of trust Lien Lease All of the above

Question 9.9.(TCOs 3, 5, & 6) Corporations are formed by filing which document with the secretary of state? (Points : 3) Bylaws Articles of incorporation Stock permit Partnership agreement Shareholder agreement

Question 10.10.(TCOs 1 & 2) Criminal defendants are not required to present evidence unless they claim _____. (Points : 3) self-defense insanity intoxication Both A & B None of the above

Question 11.11.(TCOs 8 & 11) Relevant facts are sometimes called (Points : 5) key facts. focus facts. explanatory facts. important. precedent.

Question 12.12.(TCOs 8 & 11) Before comparing your facts and issues with case law, it is important that you properly

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