Devry Bis155 Full Course [ All Discussions All Ilabs All Quizes and Final ] Latest 2015 Spring September

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devry BIS155 full course [ all discussions all ilabs all quizes and final ] latest 2015 spring September
Click Link Below To Buy: Devry BIS155 week 1 Lab 1 of 7: Saddle River Marching Band 2015 iLAB OVERVIEW
You are the assistant to the band director for the Upper Saddle River Marching Band, and you must prepare a report showing the status of the marching band fundraising event for presentation to the board of trustees. The report will summarize all sales of all items and include the total profit-to-date with the amount remaining to reach the profit goal. You will open the partially completed workbook, create formulas, format for presentation to the board, and add charts
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It is provided as a tool to help you, but please ensure that you have completed all steps as described in the instructions and Step-by-Step guides.
** Please be patient when loading these videos as they can be large.
Download the Lab 1, Step 2E Instructions.
STEP 3: Format the Worksheet (15 points)
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Now that you have finished the formulas, you must format the worksheet in a professional manner so that it is suitable for presentation to the board of trustees for the college. Remember to focus on readability and reusability.
Insert a comment in cell D16 to explain the formula underlying this cell.
Download the Lab 1, Step 3A Instructions.
Format the spreadsheet as depicted below:
Download the Lab 1, Step 3B Instructions.
STEP 4: Layout the Worksheet (5 points)
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Now that you have finished the major formatting, you must lay out the worksheet to further define and separate the areas of the worksheet. This step makes the worksheet easier to read and prepares for printing.
Change the color of the first tab to a shade of brown.
Rename the second tab Fundraising, and change the color to orange.
Create a custom header with your name on the left and your instructor's name on the right.
Change the page orientation to landscape.
Download the Lab 1, Step 4 Instructions.
STEP 5: Create Charts (15 points)
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Create charts based on the data in your worksheet. The

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