Deviance And The Society From My View Essay

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Deviance and the society from my view The act of violating a standard of conduct or norm in a society or group is categorized as deviance. Deviance can differ from something minor such as cutting the checkout line at the grocery store to committing a crime such as murder. Deviance can be relative to one place and society because what is considered deviant to one culture might not be deviant to another. Killing another human is wrong, however, if constituted to be an act of self-defense or if permitted by the government during warfare deviance would be acceptable. Chewing gum in America and disposing it on the streets although not enforceable is an acceptable act by the society. In Singapore, chewing gum is extremely prohibited. According to functionalists, deviance help to create social stability by demonstrating social explanations of normative and non-normative behaviors. Deviance create standard that tell members of a group or society on how to behave by laying out patterns of acceptable and unacceptable behavior Interactionists will argue that society creates the norms and every group in the society have an expectation of appropriate behavior and norm based on the cultural transmission of that group. Anyone who does not follow the norms or behavior commits crimes and deviance. An interactionalist will disagree with a functionalist as it believes that deviance can help label and divide the society. An example would be police labeling black youth as more likely to…

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