Deviance And Its Effect On Society 's Dominant Norms Essay

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Theories of Deviance

Every society has its conventional norms that everyone is required to adhere to all the time. Violation of the dominant norms is usually met with harsh punishments, since society considers violation of societal norms as deviance (“as a deviant” instead of as deviance). According to Thio, Taylor and Schwartz (2012), deviance is a form of behavior that violates the society’s dominant norm.. Conversely, in sociology, the term deviance is used to refer to the violation of the societal social norms. According to Henslin et al. (2013), deviant behaviors vary in magnitude and can be as small as violating traffic rules to murder. Normally, what is considered deviant behavior varies from one society to another. For instance, whereas some societies consider possession or use of marijuana as a deviant behavior such as Canada, some societies, for instance, Jamaica does not consider marijuana possession or use as a deviant behavior. In Canada, section 4.3 of the criminal code considers possession or use of marijuana a crime, thus a deviant behavior. This implies that possession or use of marijuana violates the Canadian social norms. Although sociologists agree as to the definition of deviance, Henslin et al. (2013) noted that there has been a strong disagreement as to why people engage in deviant behaviors. The persistent disagreements have resulted in the emergence of different theories of deviance which helps to explain how deviance operates in society. The…

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