Development And Growth Of An Organization Essay

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The development and growth of an organization will gradually change over time. Whether the modification is minor or substantial, the approach that change managed makes the determination of its accomplishment or disappointment. The implementing of change can become complex if improper techniques utilized. However, managers should become proactive and inform their department regarding what the differences are on the horizon as it can affect their jobs. Developing useful tactics to present and execute change might ease the tension of how the employees feel about change, and the ability to assist the sellers, consumers and partnership amend how business conducted. If the procedures for implementing change followed, it can save many of problems later on. In this paper, it will discuss the responsibility and role of managers during the implementing change, the appropriate way to handle the staff that resistance to change, and the change process.
Manager 's Role and Responsibility
The fundamental objective of change management involves staff and provides assurance of the implementation of a different method of performing their duties. No matter if a procedure, system, the function of an occupation or the structure of an organization change, a strategy can succeed if employees change their behaviors and how they work. The manager should explain and share information with the employees so that they would not become concerned about their job. When employees do not know what is going…

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