Essay about Developing Women With Perfect Mobility

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While growing older Maria said she started to experience notable changes in her body. She told me about the mobility problems she was facing since some years ago. She used to be women with perfect mobility; she was strong enough to carry her children around and performing physical activities that required a lot of effort. However as she aged she started to feel the weight of the years in her physical health. She feels pain in her hands, arms, and back if she tried to lift something that she considers to be heavy. Over the years, Maria has developed diabetes, she said that diabetes runs in her family and it was not a surprised that she was going to develop it too (Maria 2016). She mentioned that because of her diabetes she is unable to eat the foods that once made her happy. She has a sweet tooth and loved eating sweet foods, however, now she has to take care of her sugar levels and decided to follow the strict diet provided by her doctor. Also, because of her aging she mentioned that at the beginning she faced some struggles with her menopause. She told me that she felt some discomfort, feeling hot flashes or fevers most of the time, and changes in her mood and sleep were everyday problems for her. Furthermore, she also said that because of the menopause there have been times where she feels an unquenchable thirst. Also, Maria said that before, when she was younger, walking or jogging was not a problem for her, but since a few years ago she gets tired more rapidly than…

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