Developing Relationships Of Trust And Respect With The New Faculty

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As the new principal of an academically, struggling elementary school, my ultimate goal is to improve student learning. In order to change the academic progress of the school, certain processes must occur, and a collaborative effort with the teachers, students, and parents will be needed. To prepare for the change, all student data and information relevant to the school’s current curriculum need to be gathered and analyzed. Building and developing relationships of trust and respect with the new faculty and all stakeholders in the school is a must for an instructional leader. Having those supportive and respectful relationships are the foundation for bringing about change. “Building relational trust with the staff is a precursor to sustainable success” (Blankstein, 2013, pg. 67). This is quite apparent in my current school where Ms. Carson has been the principal for seventeen years. Our school has maintained an ‘A’ rating for fourteen years, and much of the success can be attributed to the relationship of trust that she has created with her teachers as well as the mutual respect for each other. Collaboratively creating a school vision that involves all stakeholders engages everyone and helps to create accountability for them all. In Modules 3 and 5, Principal William C. Bassill of the Academy of American Studies stated the importance of a school’s vision was to maximize student achievement, and that everyone should support the vision. As a new principal, creating…

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