Developing Country And Developing Countries Essay

1396 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Throughout this course, in my perspective, I have learned that young adults in the lower class are viewed differently depending on the country that they live in. Moreover, the way they spend their time in a developed country like Canada is differently than in a developing country such as Bangladesh. Secondly, while living in a developed country these individuals suffer a heavy workload for motivational reasons; whereas an individual in a developing country suffers for survival. Therefore, in my perspective, there seems to be a distinguishing border between what it is like to suffer in a developed country versus a developing country in terms of lower class.
To begin, there tends to be a difference in the way a young adult, in a lower class, spends their time in a developed country, compared to a developing country. For one, I spend a majority of my time studying and working a part time job. Furthermore, I live in a developed country where I have the opportunity to attend a university. As a result, I spend a majority of my time studying hard in school. However, the problem exists through coming from a lower class in which my parents were unable to save for my expensive tuition. Moreover, judging through an analytical framework, my parents were unable to save due to their income from being in a lower class. As a result, this resulted in having to balance a heavy workload consisting of a part-time job to pay for school, while studying for 7 classes in university. Unfortunately,…

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