Developing A Sensory Room For Coastal Connections Essay examples

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INTRODUCTION: The project our group is doing is developing a sensory room for Coastal Connections. This report will explain in details what our final proposal to solving this problem. The project involves turning an ordinary room into a sensory room, which would provide the client with a calming and relaxing room, for the mentally disabled. For this project, are only making one component within the room.
Deborah Plumer is the Executive Director of Coastal Connections Inc. This is a non-profit physical therapy organization designed towards helping physically and mentally disabled people. Coastal Connection has been around since 1955 located at 35 Water street Amesbury Massachusetts. The facility itself is large. The goal of Coastal Connections Inc is to support people with disabilities to achieve their full potential with personalized programs that promote living, working, and playing. That 's why the client and staff want a sensory room to help promote living, working, and playing. Clients are the physically and mentally disable people at Coastal Connection. A lot of the clients are in wheelchairs, and a lot of them have childish minds with an adult body. The clients want a sensory room that has a cause and effect environment, relaxation, and to entertain the clients. The cause and effect part is just the client doing something, and getting something in return for their action. For example, if they press a button something happens like a projector…

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