Essay about Developing A Formal Leadership Training Program

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Company ABC needs to charter a leadership training program in order to lessen employee turnover and increase employee engagement. Currently, there is a lapse in required manager to employee communication which has led to an increase in employee dissatisfaction. Developing a formal leadership training program will directly lessen the stress of the workload, even as unexpected changes such as voluntary employee resignation.
Current Situation Company ABC has had an increase in employee turnover throughout the past two quarters. The company is in its fourth quarter, in quarter one there was a 10% turnover rate. By the end of the third quarter the turnover rate reached 22%, an increase over the first quarter by 120%. The increase in turnover has drastically affected the company’s profits. Recruiting and training new employees can be a major expense for any company. At Company ABC, the down time between an employee leaving and a new employee becoming well trained can increase the overall workload for all employees and decrease company productivity, as the same amount of work needs to be done by less people.
Lack of Appropriate Communication
It was recently brought to senior management’s attention that there has been a breakdown in consistent communication between lower level management and employees. Employees often feel unsure about project and or report requirements due to receiving very little relevant information and any sort of guidelines. Team meetings are…

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