Determinism Is Not All Our Own Essay

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The question of freedom has been a topic in philosophy for a while now. There have been many discussions of what it actually means to be free and how we should go about deciding if we are or are not free. The results are still inconclusive leaving us to give our own opinions on the matter, but before I discuss whether or not I believe we are free, I must first define for you what I believe to be the meaning of freedom. Freedom is the ability to act on your own free will, and free will brings up the topic of determinism.
Determinism then means that our actions are ultimately decided by external forces, such as the laws of nature, and are not all our own. It is plausible for some philosophers to conclude that determinism is real because it helps us to possibly predict not only ours, but other people’s behaviors. Some even believe that determinism has no chance of not existing because of the preexisting laws of causation which is just another way of saying because of one thing, a different thing happens as a result. There are two sides regarding determinism and freedom, one being they exist in harmony (compatibilists), and one being that they cancel each other out (incompatibilists). I am a compatibilist. I say this because even though our actions are predisposed, they are this way because of our mental state. There is one outcome because of our beliefs, values, fears, interests and that in hand means that we cause each outcome. For example, imagine if there was a road and it…

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