Technological Determinism Essay

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“Technological Determinism and Television “
Technological determinism is the fundamental idea that technology has the power to transform a society, or at least have the ability to change how people, think, act or feel. According to Veblen and Marx the technology that surrounds us has a much greater power and effect than we are aware of. Since its invention in the 1920s, television has played a vital role in society. Television had become a very powerful focal point in many households across the world. “Not only has television reshaped the layout of our sitting rooms, it has also reshaped the very fabric of our lives.” (Anthony,2003) This paper will review technological determinism in regards to the television and look at how it has brought about many social and cultural changes throughout the years.
Review of Literature
Technological Determinism
Technological determinism is the idea that rapidly improving and changing technology has the power to shape and change the society we live in. Technological determinism is a term that is believed
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McLuhan stressed that we must pay attention to the form of a medium rather than the content it carries. He used the example of an electric light and stressed that “Whether the light is being used for brain surgery or night baseball is a matter of indifference. It could be argued that these activities are in some way the ‘content’ of the electric light, since they could not exist without the electric light.” (McLuhan, 1995, p. 152). McLuhan used the example as the electric light because it is a medium without a message. It doesn’t matter what the light is being used for but the light or the medium itself can control the human

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