Determining Databases and Data Communications Essay

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Determining Databases and Data Communications
In the two scenarios there are many ways that they can be solved or worked out to make them fit to the person working with them. They both deal with databases and communications that companies need to consider. In this paper we are going to discuss some of the options that companies or self employed business owners can use.
Scenario One
Some of the typical fields that could be used would be of the booth equipment by piece, what equipment you will need by piece, what company is shipping the components and the expected arrival date and time. By having all of this information you will be able to use it as a checklist to ensure that you have all the required pieces and components for the trade
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With a wireless adapter, that the business will have to purchase, they can allow the employee to take it home and still be able to work and have access to the share point that the business set up for those adapters.
Some of the data could be sensitive and will require protection from hackers. The use of a VPN connection will be needed. With the employees that are working at home, they will have to set up a VPN connection on their end with the VPN server at the business to make the tunnel which can then allow them to send the secure information.
For the Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheet that is done up you would want to make sure that the cells are not all exactly the same to be able to tell a difference between them. By doing this you can change the font style, font size and even shade the cells to different colors, (Manzo, Piziak, & Rhoads, 2010). By using this spreadsheet to help determine which wireless router to use will be helpful to see all the information on one sheet instead of thumbing through different brochures. It also helps you to determine which one is the most expensive and the least as well as the average rating between all of them.
Overall, knowing some the examples will help any business owner decide on which system will work best. There are many advantages and disadvantages to having just a LAN or if you have a big enough company to have a WAN. Also, not all employees are going to be

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